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The Most Dog-Friendly Stores in America

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Shellie Alyssa

Do you sneak your dog into stores in a pet carrier? If so, you will be happy to learn that there are plenty of dog-friendly stores in America that happily welcome dogs. Gone are the days of training your dog to stay quiet in their pet carrier, so you don’t get kicked out of the store. Instead, it’s time to set them free! Stores across America are changing their pet policies to welcome dogs as long as pet parents follow a few specific rules.

Basic rules for bringing your dog to pet-friendly stores include keeping them in a carrier, making sure they are on a leash when walking around in the store and cleaning up after your pet. These simple rules make it easier for pet parents to bring their dog into pet-friendly stores without worrying about backlash from other customers. The following list is the most dog-friendly stores in America.


Welcomes Dogs of All Sizes and Breeds

Chances are you have already been to a PetSmart store in your neighborhood and noticed other pet parents brought their dogs along for a shopping spree. This store welcomes dogs of all sizes and breeds as long as you keep them leashed and they are on their best behavior. Dogs that misbehave and bark excessively at other customers or cause issues in the store need to be calmly removed from the store by their pet parents.


Accepts Well Behaved Dogs into the Store

PetCo enjoys seeing dogs shopping at the store with their pet parents. As long as your dog is well behaved, fully vaccinated and has their proper license they can visit the store anytime. Please note that any dog that is aggressive or dangerous towards other shoppers or dogs will be asked to be removed from the store immediately.


Shoppers Can Bring Their Pets to the Store

Macy’s has a good reputation for being a pet-friendly store. Customers are welcome to bring their dog along while they shop. Store managers have the authority to change the dog-friendly policy, so it’s best to contact the store you plan to visit to confirm the policy is in effect. Also, consider mall policies for Macy’s stores that are located inside a mall. Since Macy’s often smells like perfume in certain departments its best to leave pets with allergies at home or to avoid the cosmetic and perfume department during your visit with your dog.


Pet Parents can Shop with their Pets

The GAP has a pet clothing line that is specially made for dogs. This store is well-known for allowing pets in the store while their parents shop. However, there is one rule that needs to be followed. All pet parents need to use a pet carrier to shop in the store. The GAP doesn’t allow dogs to roam around the sales floor.

Saks Fifth Avenue

A Popular Pet-Friendly Store

Saks is a popular store pet parents frequently bring their pet to for a fun shopping experience. However, pet parents need to keep their dog’s on a leash and make sure they are well-behaved. You can also bring a pet carrier if you have a small dog breed that is easy to carry around with you.

Pottery Barn

Let Your Dog Help You Pick Out Your Home Décor

The Pottery Barn is the perfect place to bring your dog along to help you choose new items for your home. Your dog probably cuddles with you on the sofa with a cozy blanket, why not let them pick out your next blanket by bringing him or her to the store with you?

Bass Pro Shop

Have an Adventure with Your Dog

Your dog is always welcome at Bass Pro Shop just as long as you keep them on a leash! You will have a blast walking around this store with your dog as you explore the different departments. Bass Pro Shops also offers free dog seminars, costume contests, photo contests and more. Inquire with the Bass Pros Shop located closest to you for the current schedule of activities.

Old Navy

Let Your Dog Relax on the Cool Cement Floor

All dogs are welcome in Old Navy stores as long as they are leashed and well behaved. Dogs that visit this store enjoy relaxing on the cold cement floor while their pet parents shop. Sometimes your dog might fall to sleep because they feel so comfortable. This casual style store is an excellent place to bring Fido along for a shopping spree, especially on hot summer days. Keep in mind that Old Navy stores located in malls need to adhere to mall policy, so it’s best to contact the store ahead of time to learn more about that specific locations pet policy.

Barnes and Noble

Bring Your Dog Along and Hang Out

Pet parents that enjoy hanging out at Barnes and Noble can bring their dog along as they shop and relax in the store. However, there are a few rules such as always keep your dog on a leash or in a pet carrier and don’t bring them to the coffee shop area inside the store.


Shop with Your Dog by Your Side

Bloomingdales is known for being pet-friendly and welcoming dogs into their stores. In the past, a Bloomingdale's store liked a customers dog so much they even did a photo shoot with the dog. Remember to keep your dog leashed or in a pet carrier at this store. Plus make sure your dog is in a good mood and ready to be around strangers before entering the store. Dogs that misbehave at this store will be asked to leave with their pet parent immediately.

Banana Republic

They Love Dogs

You can bring your dog along while you shop at the Banana Republic. Some sales associates are known to offer dogs yummy treats on occasion as you browse the store and select your purchases. You need to keep your dog on a leash and close to you at this store. Smaller dog breeds can be placed in a pet carrier and carried around the store. Keep in mind other customers might not see small dogs, so it’s best to use a carrier in this busy store.

Victoria's Secret

Allows Dogs to Shop Along with their Owners

As a pet owner who likes to bring their dog along with them everywhere, you will be happy to learn Victoria Secret stores are pet-friendly. This store is usually crowded so your dog will need to be in a carrier or on a short leash and remain by your side at all times. Also, be aware this store has dim lighting in some locations which can make it difficult for other customers to see dogs on a leash.

Barney’s New York

Browse with Your Dog

Purchase designer apparel, accessories and more as your dog stays by your side at this exquisite store. Barney’s New York welcomes dogs into the store as long as their accompanied by their owner and attached to a leash. You can also bring along a pet carrier in case your dog gets tired walking around this large store.

William Sonoma

Welcomes Dogs with Open Arms

This dog-friendly store is a blast to shop with your dog. They have carts or trolleys you can use to fill up with your favorite items and also provide a safe place for your dog to ride when they are tired of walking. A shopping trip to this store is extra fun because you can let your dog help choose new items for your home.

Tiffany & Co.

Woof and Bling - A Great Combo

Shop for beautiful jewelry with your dog in a tote the next time you visit Tiffany & Co. This store loves dogs and welcomes them with open arms. It’s essential that you keep your dog on a leash to prevent them from jumping against the jewelry cases and causing damage. Choose to visit this store on days your dog is on their best behavior.

Shopping from Your Dog’s Point of View

You probably love to shop at retail stores and boutiques, but your dog might not feel the same way. It’s essential to consider shopping from your dog’s point of view. Dogs that are shopping with their pet parents and walking around on a leash often experience shopping from ground level. This includes seeing tons of customers feet walking around them, only viewing shelves closer to the ground and loud noise.

As a pet parent, your goal is to make your dog’s shopping experience as fun and exciting as it is for you. An excellent way to do this is to carry your small dog in a pet carrier purse or bag. This allows your dog to experience shopping from your point of view while feeling safe and close to you. It’s great for dogs that have social anxiety or those who are sensitive to light and sound.

Train Your Dog to Be a Shopaholic

Dogs aren’t natural shoppers so it might take some training to convince your dog to be your shopping buddy. Socializing your dog from an early age can help but what do you do if your dog has been indoors most of their life? You can socialize your dog by bringing them to stores and malls in your area. You can put them in a carrier to help them feel safe and get used to the store environment. Large dog breeds that can’t fit inside a pet carrier need to learn to walk on a leash next to their owner in a calm manner. Practice makes perfect when training and socializing your dog so be patient. Generally, exposing your dog to your favorite stores and malls regularly will help with their anxiety and help them become your shopping buddy.

Shopping with your dog is fun and allows you to take your companion with you almost anywhere. As more stores and malls become pet-friendly, bringing your dog shopping will become a familiar way of life for many dog owners. Have fun shopping with your dog and don’t forget to contact the store first to check on their pet policy!


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